Sunday, October 31, 2010

RANT: On a Mission

I have a new mission in life to educate the uninformed.  The Couponus Ignoramous species is my top priority.

I am on this mission because of some comments received at QFC while I was "purchasing" some free hummus:
Snarky Cashier Lady (aka Couponus Ignoramous): "The coupon isn't working because people want stuff for free." 
Clara's Internal Running Commentary: "Au contraire, Missy Prissy, it ain't free.  I paid for those coupons... 8 cents each online!  This is 8 cent hummus, thank you very much plus shipping and sales tax."
Clara's Shoulda Coulda Woulda Response: "Actually, Ma'am, your employer will be reimbursed the face value of that coupon.  Manufacturers want me to try their product and I am doing just that." 
Clara's Actual Response (still good): "Usually the stores and manufacturers don't line up their sales so that I can get product for free, but it's my lucky day." 
The comments came from a cashier who, apparently, doesn't realize that RETAILERS ARE REIMBURSED BY THE MANUFACTURERS. 

It's true.  Manufacturer coupons tell the retailer exactly what to do.  Mail this coupon to this address and receive back the face value of the coupon and sometimes it's the face value PLUS a small handling fee of 8 cents, in most cases.  The resources spent mailing umpteen coupons to umpteen manufacturers is, I believe, a small price for retailers to pay for the privilege of a couponers presence in their store.  More stores would have more business from people like me and my fellow couponaires (that's Clara-ese for couponer extraordinaire) if they would just be nice.

After all, even couponers run out of milk and bread.  Even couponers fall prey to over priced impulse buys.

PS... CnC tells me that you can still order coupons from Manufacturers Coupons.  Today they're only 5 cents and they'll mail them tomorrow and you should have them by Tuesday so you can make it in to QFC to get your free-except-for-the-five-cent-coupon-you-ordered-online hummus.



  1. I would totally agree! So often I get frustrated too by people who talk about things that they really don't know about. With coupons, I really don't care if you work at a grocery store or not. That doesn't mean that you "know" about coupons. I've confirmed that with rude people many times. Most coupons I've seen say that they will be reimbursed the face value "plus" the 8 cent handling fee, not sure if maybe your hummus ones were different. And I consider using coupons my part time job, although VERY part time I do my work and that is why I get to reap the savings. I hope that if you didn't feel brave enough to tell her about her ignorance (in a nice way) that at least your nostrils were flaring a bit. :)


  2. I'm gonna remember this when I get a snarky remark- I will totally inform the ignorant(and rude)!