Thursday, October 14, 2010

CnC: The Ethics of Cheap

As cheap as I am, my integrity is worth
far more than that $1 off coupon. 
Aside on ethics:  I took a business ethics class at a small Christian college a decade or so ago and I almost got booed out of the class because I think corporations should help impoverished nations with some of their challenges.  For instance, drug manufacturers could make life-saving medicines for malaria and other preventable and/or curable diseases available at little or no cost to residents of tropical areas.  They can even provide HIV/AIDS medicines to prolong life as long as possible so that entier societies don't suffer.  I was called a bleeding heart liberal. (Bleeding heart, can you believe that?)

So it shocked me to no end that I was actually the right-most member of K-9, the 9th group of Peace Corps Volunteers to go to Kyrgyzstan.  The Peace Corps doesn't attract many Republicans because they're all out making money, right?

Thankfully, time has balanced me out.  Now, I would say that I'm a social conservative, a fiscal moderate, and a butter liberal... that really is the only thing I'm truly liberal with: BUTTER.  I aspire to be more liberal with forgiveness and love, but I am still learning.
Anyway, I know that corporations are out there to make money.  So, when the Albertson's ad has a General Mills promotion for $5 off of a $20 purchase after manufacturer coupons, I *begrudgingly* stick to the rules. 

I also try to obey all coupon rules like "Limit one coupon per transaction"  or "Limit one coupon per specified item(s) purchased" even though the cashier and the system might let me stack.  I realized today after I ordered more coupons that I broke a rule a few months ago... Sorry WinCo.  Sorry Ortega.  I'll plead ignorance this time and pledge do right in the future.  (Do you think I should call WinCo and try to explain it?  Or call Ortega and make sure they reimburse WinCo?  I'm considering it.)

So today I went and "bought" 3 bottles of Gain dish liquid.  It was .89 but then it was free with coupon.  FREE!  I didn't need dish liquid because I just bought some a few weeks ago when Costco had a coupon.  But to my great joy, I just realized that I haven't opened the new bottle yet!  I'm going to return it.  Because it is an unopened bottle, I have no qualms about getting my money back even though I know Costco has one of the best return policies EVER and would take it back regardless. 

I read a good article about this a few weeks ago.  Take a look at her take on it.  That is my new favorite coupon blog.  Check out her Stockpile price point list too!

I'm pretty sure Dave Hasz would be proud.  UGJ!

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