Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do you ever...?

look at the clock and realize, you haven't eaten in 4 hours (which is a huge feat since you're nursing)?

park in a fire zone because it's raining, and risking a ticket to walk only 20 yards in the rain with 4 small children rather than 100 yards in the rain with 4 small children seems reasonable? 

go to the bathroom and surmize that you probably haven't been in there since first thing in the morning because you haven't had time?

cook a meal and not have a chance to eat it?

cook two meals in the same day and not have a chance to eat either of them?

use earplugs so that "crying it out" doesn't make you "cry it out" too?

realize that the mailman didn't deliver today's grocery circulars because someone parked in front of your mail box and heaven forbid the mailman expend a little effort to do his job?

spend your time blogging rather than putting your kids back to bed for their naps?

Well... if you answered "YES" to any of these,
congratulations, you're a Mom.

If you answered "YES" to all of these,
and they all happened today,
join me in a muffled scream.

There... that's better.



  1. Ah, can totally sympathize! Here is what happened to me this afternoon:

    I am in the bathroom when I hear "Mom, it spilled!!!" I come out to find Owen in the living room with spilled bubbles. He is so upset that he can't go outside to blow them. And when I ask him why he was shaking them with the lid off, he says "But dad said I could!" Hmmm....Am I missing something?

    And I have to add one more....If you can make your husband's lunch before you know whether or not you are truly awake....you are a mom! Well, I guess maybe you are just a wife. :)

  2. Oh yes, I can relate!

    A couple of times when I was nursing Lily, I'd start to shake. Then, I'd realize that it was noon and all I'd put in my body the whole day was coffee! The more young children, the harder it is to take care of yourself ;)

  3. did all that really happen to you in ONE DAY?? ahhhH!!! I feel your pain. I would be REALLY annoyed.