Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions of a...


I have more Coupon Gurus on my Facebook status feed than friends these days.  This could mean two things: a) my real friends have other things to do than update their status or b) I like coupons more than my friends whose posts I've hidden because I hate having to weed through them to get to the coupon updates (shame on me).

Either way... I have a problem. 

For instance, I saw a post on my Facebook feed that ConAgra has a rebate out.  If you buy $10 of their product, circle the amount on your receipts, and mail them in with the rebate form, they will send you a $25 coupon booklet. 

I looked at the products they listed and I am quite certain that I have not bought any Chef Boyardee or Snack Packs since July 7 (the beginning of the rebate period) .  In fact, I've only bought Chef Boyardee once and my kids wouldn't eat it.  So... why have I spent valuable brain power trying to figure out how on earth I can spend $10 on these products to get a $25 coupon booklet for products I don't buy anyway

I told you I was a couponaholic.

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  1. haha! Too funny! My kids would probably go for the snack packs if I let them consume them, but other than the peanut butter and ketchup I'm not quite interested. :)