Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coupon High

The total for my shopping trip this morning was $9.93.  Yes, that picture is of everything I bought!!!

10 Phili Cream Cheese (2 - $5/5 Kraft*) - YES!  There are two stacks of 4... can someone say CHEESECAKE!
2 boxes of Wheat Thins ($1/2 printable)
2 Dryers Ice Cream ($1/2 All You)
3 Wheat Thin Stix (3 - $1/1 Coupons I found at Safeway last week)
3 Fuze ($1/2 All You & $0.50/1 peelie at the store)

Final Price:
10 Phili Cream Cheese = FREE*
2 boxes of Wheat Thins = $1.49 ea
2 Dryers Ice Cream = $1.99 ea
3 Wheat Thin Stix = $0.99 ea
3 Fuze = FREE

OR you could say that I paid less than $0.50 per item. 

Any way you slice it, I saved 82%. SWEET!!!

*Thankfully, there was a lady in front of me doing the exact same thing and the checker wanted to work with both of us.  He called a manager over to get it done.  This was at the Maple Valley QFC.  They had a lot on the shelf and an end cap too full of the 8 oz bricks. 

This deal is part of their buy 10 get $5 off.  Look in the circular to see items you buy and match it up with printable coupons, coupons you've been stashing, etc... 

Also, the All You magazine is available at WalMart ($2.49 ea) or by mail-in subscription ($1.94 ea).  But... I saw yesterday that you can get them for $1 each AND support a school!  Just follow this Link and follow her instructions.  I'm seriously considering it since you get your money's worth with just one coupon in each magazine.  Plus, there are some really fun recipes I'd like to try and other money saving tips.  Then again, I may have some Swagbucks and I'll just order from Amazon.

My Goal
Lest we forget why this is so much fun (it really is a bit of a rush to "steal" TEN cream cheeses), I have a goal.  Granted, I love saving my family money just to say, "I saved my family money."  But, really, when I grow up (ahem), I want to have a shelf system in the garage I don't yet have full of items.  I want a couple more refrigerators and/or freezers to fill with yummy goodness.  WHY?  So I can give it away.  If I'm dilligent and can provide for my family for pennies on the dollar, why can't I throw in an extra hand soap for my neighbor who just lost a job?  A package of diapers for a single mom who has to deal with lawyer fees?  A week of groceries for a family in need of a more practical love?  In times like these, people could really use the help.  I want to be that help. 

Do you coupon?  Why do you coupon?  How much money do you save your family?  Why are you saving money?


  1. I love your goal and the multiple reasons you're doing it!!! May the Lord bless you and your family so that you can bless others!!! So cool!

  2. My coupon use is dwindling for a variety of reasons but i do love a good high of an especially sweet haul.

    There was a website dedicated to helping people use their unwanted coupons on things to get rock bottom deals on items that food pantries and animal shelters and other charities use. I'll see if i can dig it up...

  3. I really want to send more money to the DRC! This is my main goal for saving money using coupons. Of course, I love saving my husband money too. That's high on the list as well.

    Had fun with you on Tuesday! Happy couponing!

  4. I am just starting the couponing... All I have done so far is bought a Sunday paper and cut out the coupons for things that I need this week and/or use a lot of. I have to admit the process is somewhat daunting and I'm not sure that even with the coupons I end up getting the best deal sometimes. It's something new to learn and helpful in a time of financial strain so I hope i get better!