Monday, November 1, 2010

New Soap

I make foamy soap.  I bought foaming soap a long time ago... years ago at this point.  When it's empty, I put in about 1/2 inch of soap at the bottom and slowly fill the rest with water.  Then I replace the top and shake it until it's evenly dispersed. 

Then I wash my hands with light foamy soap.  I love foamy soap.

Do you know what I love more than foamy soap?  My NEW foamy soap that smells like cherry and vanilla.  It makes me happy when I wash my hands.  I smell my hands after I use it because I love it.  Because it's dilluted, it's not so strongly scented that I can smell it for hours, but for the 5 minutes after I wash my hands, I feel refreshed. 

If you're wondering where you, too, can buy cherry vanilla soap.  It's just Softsoap brand in a small container.  It was $1 each but I used a coupon too so I got it for $0.65.  I like it a lot. 

the end.

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  1. you make me smile. :) And I mean that in a very good way!