Monday, August 30, 2010

Kraft Catalina

Catalinas are those little slips you get at the grocery store.  General Mills gives them to me all the time when I buy a box of Cheerios: "$1.50 off your next purchase of 3." 


That's great and all, but there are some really good catalinas to strive for.  My friend, and couponer extraordinaire, talks about them on her blog here

Here's what it could look like if you do it right...

6 Dressings @ $1.34 each
3 - $1 off of 2 coupons (found in the "Fall Into Savings" coupon book near the register)
3 - $1 off of produce when you buy 2 dressings* (found next to the dressing). 

*This coupon says "One coupon per person, per transaction" so you may only get $1 in free produce per transaction.

Total: Dressings $8.04 less $3 in coupons = $5.04 PLUS $3 in produce* PLUS $5 off of your next shopping trip 
Grand total: $0.04 for $17.94 in dressing and $3 in produce*.
Don't forget, you only get one $5 Kraft catalina per transaction so you can just separate them into different transactions.   Trust me, you won't be the first person to do this.  I was behind a lady once who had probably 12 transactions of 1 item each.  

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  1. Wow Clara! I didn't see the free produce coupons. I really hope that my text got to you in time about one catalina coupon given per transaction. It's in the fine print and I messed up on it last week.