Monday, August 9, 2010

Trial Run

My little boy is old enough to go to VBS this year.  He's there right now. 

When I think about Seth and what he was like a year ago, I am overwhelmed with sentamentality.  He was a little over three years old.  He wasn't potty trained and he hardly said anything.  He was still in the toddler chubby phase with fluffy cheeks and baby fat on his legs.  Now, after more than a year of speech therapy, he's asking and answering more questions.  He goes to the bathroom without assistance.  And he looks like a preschooler, not a toddler. 

When I dropped him off,

his teacher asked him if he was five. 

I almost cried,

"No, he's my baby and he'll always be two!" 

Only a small part of me wants him to be forever two.

But he's growing up too fast. 

It's strange having only three children at home especially since two of them are asleep and the other is thoroughly entertained with Play Doh. 

Who knew that 3 hours could feel like such a long time?   Two down, one to go.  

I'm looking at this as a trial run for preschool.  I'm not doing so well.

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