Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Totally Worth It

I want to have more time to invest in my personal appearance.  I want to paint my toes.  I want a updated haircut.  And I want to dress fashionably in a classic style. 

As a Mommy, most (truthfully: all) of these things fall by the wayside.  

It's okay that instead of cute jeans I wear elastic wasted pants.  It's okay that my feet are calloused and neglected.  It's okay that my eyebrows are a little bit frightening. 


The truth it's not okay, but it's worth it. 

It's totally worth it to get snot on my stretched-out, breast milk stained, hole-ly t-shirt because that snot belongs to one of my precious gifts. 

It's worth it to have my hair pulled back into a ponytail everyday but Sunday because at least it's out of my eyes so I can see the wonder of God's creation embodied in small children with grimy hands. 

It's worth it to let my leg hair grow because my short skirts don't fit anyway because my hips have carried four miracles. 

It's worth these small sacrifices to be a Mommy.  I love being an average Mommy.  My aspirations of being like celebrity mommies can wait until children at my house can tie their own shoes and wipe their own bottoms.


if I were to get a fashionable new do. 

It would be this one...


  1. Lest anyone think that I don't do anything, let me set the record straight... I bathe at least every other day and I did this just last week:


  2. For the record, i think you're cute as a bug's ear. Even when you're not dolled up for a night out. :)