Friday, August 20, 2010

I Believe

Believing God: Member BookI really do, I believe in miracles.  I bring it up because I've been doing Beth Moore's Believing God Bible study with some gals I know. 

The topic of the week is miracles.  Were the signs and wonders reported in the Bible a form of folklore passed from generation to generation?  Or were they real? 

Did Jesus really walk on water? 

Did the lame really rise up and walk?
Did the dead really come back to life?

Maybe some of us can swallow the idea that miracles happened... 2000 years ago.

But I haven't heard any stories on the 11 o'clock news...

the blind received sight

bottled water turned to the finest wine

storms calmed 

mountains thrown into the sea 

Can it happen? 

Can children be cured of autism and cancers disapate?

Can money appear in bank accounts and gas tanks never run dry?

Can relationships be restored and hearts be made whole again?

Like my children, I'm still learning
how to properly phrase the question. 

My children say, "Can I have another cookie?"
Why, of course, they can.  They are completely able, perfectly capable.  There is no question that they would find a way to stuff yet another cookie into those chubby little cheeks or even a few into a pocket for later consumption. 

But I insist that they say, "May I have another cookie?" 
Sometimes the answer is "yes", if the timing is appropriate. 
Sometimes the answer is "no" because it's almost bedtime or they've already had three of them and another wouldn't do them any good at all.  

He tends his flock like a shepherd:

He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand,
or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens?
Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket,
or weighed the mountains on the scales
and the hills in a balance?

Who has understood the mind of the LORD,
or instructed him as his counselor?

Whom did the LORD consult to enlighten him,
and who taught him the right way?
Who was it that taught him knowledge
or showed him the path of understanding?
Isaiah 40:11-14

So I most certainly do pray for miracles.  I pray for, in my mind, big miracles.  I hope everyone does.  And, for me, there is no disappointment in my prayer being unanswered.  Rather, there is peace in knowing that it's His will being done in His perfect timing.  There is also tremendous joy that He knows me better than I know myself. 


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  1. I have reason to believe God puts gas in cars and money in bank accounts of the unemployed. :)