Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Foot Hurts

I've always liked the phrase "He shot himself in the foot."   I imagine some cowboy way back when shooting himself in the foot while his gun is still in the holster.  He's now imortalized in an idiom.  Ouch. 

I have no gun (regretably) so I cannot shoot myself in the foot.  But I did, figuratively do just that.  And unfortunately, my action has a consequence.

Action: Staying up too late watching TV or relishing the quiet.  
Consequence:  Being extremely tired the next day yet young children require supervision. 

Action: Blogging or FBing instead of supervising my children.
Consequence: Children armed with crayons conquered an end panel in my kitchen.

Action: Giving the children Play Doh.
Consequence:  Play Doh mashed into all of the floors.
(thank you, Lord, for hardwoods and tile)

I imagine that cowboy went home with his head hung low and became a farmer instead.  I, however, do not forsee a career change.  I will, instead, try to catch a powernap while the kids are *cross my fingers* napping..

1 comment:

  1. Seriously! How do you get play doh out of carpet anyway? Never figured that one out.
    I do the same thing..last night it was the season finale of the real housewives of New Jersey...why? Never watched it before in my life.
    But for some unknown reason I had to stay up to watch it. ANd even right now, I should be asleep :) I crave the mindlessness of it all