Monday, August 30, 2010

Shopping with CnC

I went to Albertson's today.  I couldn't help myself... $.25 for Cap'n Crunch and True Delights was irresistable!

I loaded up my crew and headed out to a grocery store 25 minutes from home to purchase goods that can easily be found at the store only 5 minutes from my home. 

Aside on getting out of the house:  At 10 am, I was finishing up my list and I thought to myself, "Not bad.  We're all dressed.  We'll get out the door, shop, and be home by noon."  HA!  It took me another 45 min to brush hair and nurse the baby and herd them all to the car.  I didn't even wash their faces... Jenna is still wearing breakfast's nectarine on her cheek while she is napping at 3pm.  We did okay though, we checked out at 11:46 am and got home around 12:15 pm. 
Aside on shopping with small children:  I saw a dear friend in the parking lot and chatted for 3-5 minutes.  This means that I was only in the store for ~30 minutes (I originally estimated an hour for my shopping).  However,  it was the LONGEST THIRTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE!!!  I must've said, "Seth sit down" or "Korynne sit down" or "Joel stop crying" at least 25 times/phrase. 

All for only $8.50!

The items you see here would've cost $45.60, but they were all on sale and I had coupons.  I only paid $8.50.  Plus, I got a free thing of Tropicana OJ because I bought 3 boxes of cereal (a coupon I snagged at Safeway a few weeks ago).   So really, it should've cost $48.10.  That's 82% savings.  Kick ass!  (Can I say that?  My kids can't read yet.)

Break it down:
Cap'n Crunch was on sale for $1.60
True Delights were on sale for $ 1.60
Quaker Oats were on sale for $2.00
Coupon*: When purchased in multiples of 5, you get $3 off. 

*There is a coupon in last week's circular and they have more coupons up front.  Be sure you remind them if you need more coupons.  I asked and they still didn't do it.  I had a screaming baby though and didn't catch it so I have to go in again... maybe you'll have your wits about you when checking out and you won't have to make an extra trip. 

The coupon knocks $0.60 off of each item purchased. 

Additionally, I had coupons from Sunday's paper (this week and long ago) for $.75 and $.50 off Cap'n Crunch.  AND, I had coupons from previous purchases of Quaker products for $.75 off of True Delights.

Therefore, I paid...
CC $0.25 x 2 = $0.50
CC $0.50
TD $0.25 x 2 = $0.50
Oatmeal $1.40 x 5 = 7
TOTAL: $8.50 for 10 items or $0.85 each!
That brought my oatmeal down to only $0.32/lb!!!  At WinCo, I pay $0.42/lb.  And since my kids eat oatmeal like it's going out of style (which I'm pretty sure it is out of style), it was worth the heartache of the trip to Albertson's.  Plus, Kyle loves Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries. 

BONUS:  I got to briefly see a dear friend AND at the end of my receipt, I got a coupon for $2 off my next purchase if I do a silly little survey. I'll be doing that survey before I go get the $3 off that they forgot to give me.
Not that you care (or maybe you are concerned for my sanity), but I also bought bread and milk and eggs.  But it wasn't nearly as exciting as my $0.32 oatmeal so I'm not going to blog about it. 
And that is why I am sometimes referred to as "Charming and Cheap" ;).


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  1. You are awesome! Good for you to be there with your 4 beautiful kids--who were so darling all attached to your cart. Sometimes using coupons and shopping is really hard--but it does pay off. I'm glad you got the $2 survey coupon. I got another one today and it's my third one to print this week. Yay!
    Here is my shopping trip from today: