Friday, May 4, 2012


Here we are. It's Friday, and the weekend is upon us.  It's been fun to see Kyle put a tie on everyday. 

But let's be honest: I'm tired.

I shouldn't complain because most parents of young children are sleep deprived (like my friend who got in on the passenger side of her car yesterday and waited and waited until her 3 year old offered to drive). But you sort of adapt to what your normal is.

This is my new normal.  I have not adapted.  I'm not very fond of it yet.

In preparation for what I knew would be a rough morning, I preemptively made my bed today. I make it everyday, but this morning I knew that it would give me pause - it looks so pretty when it's made - before I let Dora babysit and catch a few more precious minutes of sleep. 

Instead of curling up with my head gently resting on my pillow basking in the peace of dear-to-my heart sleep, I'm disgruntledly - is that a word? - how do you pronounce it: dis-gruntle-ed-ly? disgruntled-ly - whatever.  I'm bitterly hanging on to my coffee mug for dear life, wondering: Why did I sabbotage myself like this?    


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