Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Organization, Part I

People ask me sometimes how I do it. I have 5 children 5 and under in less than 900 square feet and we live in a culture where storing our extra stuff is a Billion dollar industry.

If you saw my house right this second you would say: "Ew" and "Why would I ever listen to anything you have to say about organization?"  and "Why are you blogging when your house looks like that???"

Let's define some terms though...

clean - adj.  the absence of a gross film on surfaces.  In a sentence: My house isn't clean.
messy - adj.  the presence of clutter that can be put away.  In a sentence: My house is messy.
organized - adj.  the ability to find what you need when you need it. In a sentence: I am organized.
My Dad always says, "Everything has a place, everything in its place."

So, at my house, I have a place for everything... and that says a lot since I coupon and gather things in quantity regularly.

But I have a couple complications: 1) I strongly dislike my house looking like the kids have taken over and 2) my space is very limited.  Therefore, I have to be creative about where things are stored.

I put extra diapers and wipes under the steps.

I pull out my bathroom cabinet drawers and store things in the gap behind the drawer.

Underbed storage is fair game.
Yes, we added "spacers" so that this drawer would fit under our bed.  The drawers are on casters and they were free.  Whatever works!

This might be my first "series".  Stay tuned for more.

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