Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As you know, Kyle started his new job yesterday. I have already made a few observations about this new season:

The inventor of "delay brew" deserves a Pulitzer.

Our house is, in fact, small. That is why our children get up as soon as our feet hit the floor (or when Kyle violently throws clean cutlery into the drawer).

I like coffee.

5:30 evil (you can call it "am" if you want to) is EARLY.  I didn't know that before because I only knew about one 5 o'clock hour in the day. I was better off in ignorance.

Coffee is like volume control. The more I drink, the quieter the kids seem to be.

Children under the age of 6 who are eating buttered noodles for dinner as Daddy arrives home from work should wash their hands before greeting him. This is to minimize laundry and extend the life of his pants.

Decaf coffee is like dry water... what's the point?

The table top ironing board I received as a gift upon graduating from high school was ideal for ironing three times a year. It is, however, insufficient now that I'm using spray starch (the same can I bought upon graduating from high school) on white cotton dress shirts.  I will find it a new home unlike The Betrayer, that is, the Mr. Coffee from the same era.

Coffee is the nectar of life.

If I have more hours in the day (because I get up earlier), I get to do things I like... I like to blog! 

With enough coffee, I could rule the world.

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