Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's over

I told myself yesterday it wouldn't hit me that a season of life had come to an end and a new one had begun until June 5th.  June 5th is payday... something we haven't had with any reliability at our house since October 2008.  But it hit me at 6:10 am when he walked out the door: it's over.

I'm the weepy one that took a picture of my husband just now as he walked out the door with his lunch and a cup of coffee.  He was wearing a tie.  I think it's good that the season is markedly different than the last.  I needed to know with certainty that things are different.  I took a picture because I want to show our kids a memorial of when God provided (a la the Children of Israel who set up a memorial when they crossed the River Jordan - and a few other times too, I think). 

I have no assurances that this season will be easy.  After all, I don't think that my friends' lives - whose husbands have been consistently gainfully employed - are necessarily easy.  But sometimes things are relative.  So I shall say with all confidence: our life [read: a few of the details of our life] will certainly [read: most likely] be easiER [read: hard in different ways]. 

I'm pretty sure that a good job does NOT mean that I will suddenly be supplied with the following (but they are currently on my Amazon Wish List):
  • time genie to rub - I still won't have enough hours in the day to complete the tasks before me (especially if I blog).
  • house elf to boss around - I still have do the laundry and wash the dishes... go figure.
  • money tree to pluck - I still have to budget (though I wouldn't call what we've been doing "budgeting"), and that means I will still coupon with the best of them.*
  • Life's Answer Key - I will still wonder what calms a fussy baby, potty trains a toddler, entertains a preschooler, and teaches a "big" kid.  While the Bible is my general guide to life and godliness, I believe the nitty-gritty details are left out so we can learn to hear His voice - He most certainly cares about those details.
  • magic wand to wield - I still won't be able to make time stand still so I can muster up some self control and sip some (preferably hot) coffee.  
  • fountain of youth to drink - I will still have the energy of a woman in my 30s because I am a woman in my 30s.  And my young children know very well how to exploit this weakness of mine.

It's a new day!

It's a new day!

It's a new day!
 *learning how to make every dollar stretch and sometimes multiply is my favorite lesson of this season.

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  1. Where's the pic? :) Congratulations on your new chapter!