Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here is one more way God has abundantly provided for my family. Someone gave these to our church, and our church - without knowing the need - gave them to us... a giant stash of size 3 diapers for my behemouth of a 5 month old.

Kyle asked me, "Do we need size 3s?" 

Um.  Yeah.

Last week, I noticed our supply was dwindling. I didn't fret, but I know things will still be tight for a while.  Diapers are an expense I'd like to put off until we get a second paycheck (the first one is spoken for) at the first part of July.  

Whatcha bet this is a 6 week supply?  This is what we business folks call a Just In Time (JIT) supply chain.

Ain't God good?

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