Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's worse?

I can't really figure out what's worse...

The tub draining slowly.


Knowing that my postpartum hairloss is what's causing the tub to drain slowly.

Maybe the kids can unclog it since it's their fault!

Right now I'm using Nioxin but I'm going to try Ovation Cell Therapy when that runs out. 

Today's Prayer:

Lord, please don't let me go bald. 


  1. I always lose a bunch of hair at about 4-5 mos postpartum too. I've heard too much hair loss can be related to low thyroid function though, which happens after childbirth. You won't go bald, but get your thyroid checked if it keeps up. :)

  2. my hair is starting to come back from baby #1's hair loss... I have these weird patches of short hair mixed in. Makes me so thrilled to think what I'll look like this time next year! :)

  3. Sister, you are not alone! I think I have the problem worse than you. :) I've tried Nioxin, but I am super allergic to most shampoos and this one falls into that category. If you figure out a solution, you must share!!!


  4. Mine falls out year round, seasonally. Every year, so you're def not alone.
    Hubby had to open our drains and use a wire hanger to pull out gobs of hair. sigh.
    If you can get it, fish oil helps immensely.