Thursday, September 16, 2010

CnC's Kids' Room Puzzle

In a small house, furniture placement is almost as particular as a 1000 piece puzzle.  Some items just don't fit.  Others just need to be turned the right way.


You can see that we have a bookcase, a crib, a bunk bed and a chest of drawers/changing table.


You see that we have a bookcase, a toddler bed, a loft bed, a pack 'n' play, another toddler bed, and the same chest of drawers/changing table.

This gives us a little more play area on the floor and sleeping arrangements for four. 

Here's how it's done...

Crib - $60 purchased over 4 years ago.  It is a drop side crib and can no longer be sold.  It will now become a garden trellis.

Bunk Bed - $35 Value Village steal of a deal (regularly $150 new at Ikea) plus $10 in missing hardware purchased 2 years ago.

Twin Mattress was a gift from my mom.

Crib Mattress came with the crib.

New (to us) Pair of Toddler Beds: $10... for the pair.

New (to us) Loft Bed: $40.

Second Crib Mattress was given to us a few months ago.  We stored it in the crib for a while (see picture).

Tomorrow morning, a lady is going to come pick up the bunk bed.  She's going to pay us $90.

Let's do that math...
Price of the old set: 60 + 35 + 10 = $105
Price for the "new" set: 10 + 40 = $50
Refund for the old set: $90
Total spent in 4 years: $65
Fitting 4 small children in the same room: Priceless (plus a Garden Trellis and reigning Championn of Cheap... bonus!)

Each kiddo has a Nana blanket. 

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