Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Best Kind of Dirty

I mopped my floor on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure it's the first time my floor had been even remotely clean since #4 arrived in the spring... early spring. 

But I just noticed a muddy footprint on my hardwoods.  My hardwoods are dark so the light has to hit it just right (or wrong, depending on whether or not you're me) to see it. 

I would normally be a little miffed that this footprint is on my floor. 

I just cleaned, for heaven's sake!!!

BUT... on further investigation, I realized it wasn't one of ours (you know your family's footprints, right?)... it must have been from one of yesterday's visitors.  

Isn't that the best kind of dirty?  The dirt that comes from sharing life with one's friends and neighbors.  We had 9 kids 5 and under... it was GREAT. 

So instead of furiously cleaning, I smiled knowing that my floor is kind of like a guest book.


  1. That was probably one of my kids prints. Sorry. ;)

  2. SO funny! I was thinking..."was it mine, was it mine??" Oh, wait. We weren't at your house yesterday. :) I don't want to give the busy lady extra work. LOL