Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Great Debate

I know you were all waiting with baited breath to find out whether or not I ate the sad M&Ms at the bottom of my purse.  I didn't.  I forgot about them and stopped using that purse.  When I found them later, I didn't have time to pick off the lint so I threw them away.  Sad.  Very sad indeed.

Speaking of SAD (that was a very bad segue, but it worked, right?), I am fairly confident that after 5 years of pregnancy and/or nursing, my body has been completely depleted of Vitamin D.  This means that the distinct lack of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest actually bothers me.  It makes me very blah.  I have no energy.  I feel like I should eat or sleep, but I don't need either.

Two weeks ago, it was brilliantly sunny and I blogged 4 times in a week and still got all my chores done and cooked dinner almost every night.  Last week, I was not as productive and now it has been 12 or so days without the sun that so graciously gives life and energy.  Wednesday, there's a chance, but that's 48 hours from now. 

It makes me want to curse the day that I suggested that we move to Washington. I'll never forget the day... he, with wile and wisdom, brought me from Texas to Washington at the end of July and proposed on a ferry coming into downtown Seattle at night.  He knew I'd be hooked.  It's all his fault.  Had he brought me in January or February, I'd have still said "yes", but I would have required solar lightbox before saying "I do."

The great debate is not whether or not to move back to Texas (once you move across two mountain ranges, there's no going back).  Rather it is, to or not to go to the store to get Vitamin D supplements.  They're on sale, and I have a coupon, and there's a rebate.  They might actually pay me to take my vitamins.   Besides, it may not even help.  " study did not show a link between vitamin D levels and depressive symptoms in elderly Chinese."  Wikipedia actually says that.  HA!  Since I am neither elderly nor Chinese, I should give it a shot.  

BUT... to go to the store, I have to:  make my list and gather my coupons, load up all 4 chilluns by myself and get them into the car, drive 15 minutes to the nearest Rite Aid, unload the chilluns, do my shopping with 2 in the cart and 2 carrying baskets following me through the store, check out with my coupons, re-load the chilluns into the car, return 15 minutes home, unload the chilluns, herd them into the house, and make dinner while they all scream "I'm hungry" in various stages of verbal development.  Last week, I was too SAD to put new batteries in my keyboard (and I'm glad since the spacebar is working again) what makes anyone think that I would be up for the aforementioned task!?!?!  I'd much rather sit on my couch and blog as my almost 2 year old disassembles my coupon binder and the 9 month old cries and the 3 and 4 year olds color without supervision. 

To make matters more "fun", the other parental unit won't be home until late.  A trip to the store makes bedtime much more bearable.  What to do!?!?!

*deep sigh* 



  1. Clara,
    I have to let you know I have been checking out your blog. Not only are you an incredibly talented writer/blogger...your tips on saving money are so wonderful! Keep up the good work...I wish we lived closer so more of your savvy tips would rub off on me (I just have not gotten the hang of the WHOLE coupon thing yet. YOU are a pro!!!)

  2. well, I hope you went to the store. I think I may take advantage of that deal, too (Nature Made, right? :)). But, I can see the dillema. You'd get your vitamins, but not without effort. A lot.

    btw, it was fun to see you the other night!