Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm so cheap...

So, a few monthsago, I told you that wewereseriously considering movingJoel into thelaundry room and me and my computer upstairsto our loft space.  Well, planschanged.  We got our newTV afterThanksgiving andnow, my computerisin thelivingroom andmy monitor is the 40"ofblood, sweat, andtears hanging onmy wall.

I'm usingmy wirelesskeyboard as I sit comfortably onthe couch.  But asyou can tell, my spacebar isn't working so well.  It's becausethe batteries arerunning low. I could take them out and replace them, but I'm so darn cheap, I don't wantto.  I bought batteries onsaleatRiteAidbefore Christmas, but I amdisinclined to throwaway something that obviously works part of the time. 

Whatshould concern you, Dear Reader, is that I'm too cheap to put in therechargablebatteriesthat Ihave sitting unuseda mere20 feetaway.  I'dmuch rather challengeyourreadingskills.  I'd still have to throw these batteriesaway in order to use the rechargeables! Ijust can't until the batteries arereally really dead.

Much Love andHumor and Entertainment, CnC

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  1. That's amusing...and you did challenge my reading skills a bit. At first, I jsut thought you had a child on your lap or something, preventing you from typing correctly. ha! But, I'm with ya. Why not use them until they're really really dead?? :)