Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Surely Not

Surely I'm not alone. 

Surely other people...

... have hard days. 

... receive bad news then don't have energy to clean the kitchen. 

... have to get up, get breakfast for four other people then themselves all in the dirty kitchen leftover from last night.

... can smell urine somewhere in the house but can't locate it to clean it. 

... have to go to the store with four little people and do mental math because they can't just fill the cart as though they don't have a budget.

... get a phone call at the store with more less-than pleasant news (cue: children screaming).

... have to endure at least one child crying all the way home.

... herd their children into the house begging them not to stop in front of them whilst carrying a baby in a carrier and a fistful of grocery bags. 

... can get all of the little angels lunch and then down for naps at the same time.

... have a naptime to-do list that in no certain order includes but is not limited to: blog, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, breathe, and mop the house. 

1 comment:

  1. I can relate to EVERY one of those...but the 'please keep walking because I'm carrying 50 pounds and my arm might really fall off' one really hit home!