Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Another Day at the Armory

Yesterday was one of those rare days I decided to take a shower.  The kids had eaten breakfast and were busy finishing their "First Five^" (eat breakfast, wash hands/face, brush teeth, get dressed, and make bed).  A friend was coming over and it had been 2 1/2 days since my last shower so it was a high priority.  

When I came out, I noticed that Seth's face was red and his eyes were puffy.  He said something about Korynne...  "Whatever.  You all need to finish your first 5," I said and carried on. 

I was mostly dressed when the doorbell rang.  "My 10:30 playdate is early," I thought.  But as I opened the door, it wasn't my friend.  It was someone in uniform.  A police uniform.  It wasn't just any officer.  It was the Chief of Police.

Hand hovering over side arm.  Ever ready, the Chief asked, "Is everything okay?"

"You mean other than the fact that I'm standing here with wet hair, wearing my nursing tank (before I've fed the baby this morning), and talking to you instead of finishing up guest preparations?"  I smiled tentatively, "Yes?"

"We received an anonymous call about a child being locked outside and screaming."

*lightbulb*  That's what Seth said.  He said Korynne locked him outside. 

With all four of them looking on - oh wait, the baby's crying.  I should get him.  With 4 of them looking on and one on my hip, I said, "Yeah, I took a shower."

I looked over at Korynne, and she was nervously grinning.  She confessed without even being interrogated, "I locked Seth outside."

The Chief nodded knowingly and stated the obvious, "You're a busy mom."

"Ya think?  I'm going to be even busier smackin' her bottom when you leave*," I screamed - in my head.  I said, "Do you have children?"

"Two - 9 and 5," she said, and then we talked for about 10 minutes.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just another day at the Armory. 

One of these days, the kids will be sitting around my kitchen table with my grandchildren on their knees sipping coffee and reminiscing, "Do you remember when Korynne locked Seth outside and the police came?"  *laughing uproariously* 

Oh, I do. It was the last time I took a shower! 

^We also use "Final 5" and "Potty 5".  We have visual aids!  I'll post those soon. 
*No children were punished as a result of yesterday's events.

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