Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Natural Remedy

Sometimes, the "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" adage is for me. My children bicker and pester and whine (as all children do), but I'm the one who needs to put on my noise-reducing head phones, listen to uplifting music, and go about my day saying as little as possible.

Today, I think I need to break a sweat too.

Turns out, I do this faithfully once a month for about a week.

Which reminds me, I have a theory.

Waiting with bated breath for another installation of Mommy Theology, are you?  If so, it's your lucky day. 

What if the junk that is common to human kind has natural remedy?  Garlic can rid the body of parasites and bacteria (and keep vampires at bay too, I hear).  Grapefruit seed extract is a personal favorite for all manner of things.  Lavender is another miracle of God's creation.  So it would only make sense to me that the remedy for some of the other junk we deal with - insomnia, anger, depression, PMS/PMDD, etc... - has a natural remedy too.

I think the remedy is a weed.

Finally, a Goody Two-Shoes who advocates smoking pot.  

Um, no.

Literally, weeds... that grow in the garden, threaten beauty, endanger nature's bounty.  You know, weeds.

Don't you think that God knew what He was doing when He cursed Adam to toil the earth?  Sin, evil, disappointment, disease, and separation from God entered our realm that day. To cope with all of the stress associated with The Fall, we have the privilege of working hard for our food.  Taking it one step further, in a culture where we sit in front of computers all day and cultivate the aisles of our grocery stores instead of the rows in our garden, is it any surprise we have so many "issues"?

What if weeds (literally, those things festering in my garden) are not the actual punishment?  What if the separation is the punishment, and weeds (well, working really really hard to remove them) are the built-in coping method?

Deep, huh?  Deeper than those [insert favorite expletive] dandelion roots.
Ironically, even the weeds have useful properties too!

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