Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My humble abode

our house is small.  anyone who has visited me knows that im not exaggerating... it really is small (900 sq feet, 2br/1ba small).  i've had a gal tell me that she looks at my small house and feels sorry for me and is thus grateful for her virtual mansion because it is sooooo much nicer (beauty is in the eye of the beholder).  i am keenly aware of the limitations: if i close a door to hide a mess, i feel claustrophobic.  if i want to entertain, i wait until the weather is nice enough to send the kids outside (which is challenging in the PNW where it rains 300 days/year).  if one thing is out of place, it looks like disaster area.  and if i don't have the utmost organization, chaos ensues.  BUT please don't feel sorry for me.  sure, i have to look at dirt floors in african huts for my gratefulness on bad days, but most days i feel so grateful for a space where i can get to my small children easily... how far can they be?  sure, i have to stagger nap times because they all sleep in the same room, but they all go to sleep at night without a hitch (seriously, bedtime hasn't been a battle for a long time).  sure, we feel like we're tripping over kids regularly, but aren't yours underfoot in 3000 sq feet too???  sure, i never take a shower without someone going potty 18 inches from where i stand in all my post-partum glory, but i love seeing my children - my reward - everywhere i turn.  i often wonder why God led us to this house... in 2007!?!?!  but i learned a while back that He knows me better than i know myself, and He knows what i need.


  1. If you'd like to see some inspiration for going smaller, check out Tumbleweed Tiny Houses: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/ or Tiny House Blog - http://tinyhouseblog.com/

    Seriously, though, it's absurd for people to pass judgement on the size of your home. There are tons of advantages to having a small house. Less to clean, less stuff to buy to fill it, less energy costs, less room to keep stuff you don't need anymore, and more use of outside.

    I definitely dream of living in a well-crafted small house someday. A good life does not require tons of indoor space.

    1. speaking of well-crafted small houses... there's a guy i know who plans to build houses tailored to one's need and NOT to fill a building envelope