Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Futile Resistance

If a bed creaks...

If a 3 year old "whispers"...

If a foot hits the floor...

If a stuffie takes a dive...

If a giggle can be heard...

If a book is cracked open...

If an obnoxious noise is squeaked...

I'll be there.

Oh, I'll be there.  More accurately, I'll be here.  Every day. Same time. Same place.  Same door.  Same futile resistance.

Na na na na na na na na NAP TIME!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mommy Fail: Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand.jpg
Image Credit: Wikipedia

A few weeks ago, I was reading The Story of Ferdinand with the kids.  After we read it, I showed them the globe and where we were and where Spain is.  We talked about how people around the world do things differently. 

To broaden their cultural awareness, I Googled "Spanish Bullfight".  The top headlines caught my eye, something about "Bullfights will be allowed on television for the first time in six years".  And then I found what I was looking for on YouTube.  The children huddled around me and my Smartphone and we watched and learned... together.

(The following images are from Google Images.)


Mommy: See, kids, the bull chases the Matador because he has a red cape.

Mommy: The bull chases him.  It's like they're dancing.
Kids:  Do they hurt the bull?
Mommy:  No, they just dance together.  

Mommy: See, they're still dancing. 
My Internal Dialogue:  Um... what's that poking out of the bull's back?

Mommy:  And there's more dancing.
My Internal Dialogue: Oh no, that's his sword in the bull's back.  Do they kill the bull?


Mommy:  So, I was wrong.  They do actually kill the bull.    
Kyle: [from the other room who tuned in just in time NOT to rescue me from myself] What?  You thought they just danced with the bulls?  Bwa ha ha ha ha Bwa ha ha.  Really? [writhing in laughter]  Bwa ha ha ha ha...  
Kids: [look at Mommy with incredulity as if to say, "I don't care what other cultures do, I'm too young to see that kind of violence."]  Let's go to bed.
My Internal Dialogue:  Oh... that's why the Spanish banned it from television.  It's too violent for young children. 

You can't make this stuff up.