Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Beginning...

Based on a couple of recommendations (mainly CH and JK), I have started my new naptime/laundry folding addiction: The Duggars.

It's available on Netflix Watch Instantly and I watched the first season this week.  Of course, "watch" is a loose term since I have it on as I do something else like clip coupons or sort matchbox cars. 

I'm enjoying seeing how a household with 17 children (she's pregnant with #18 in the first season) can run so smoothly.  It's like a fast forward in my life... but we don't plan to have 2 dozen kids, so it's more like our life 15 years from now minus a baseball team and a basketball squad.  Okay, it's nothing like my life at all, but it's entertaining.

What I want is a flashback to what life was like when she had 5 or 6 little ones and no teenagers.  You know, "Previously in Arkansas..."  or "In the beginning there was chaos..." Life with cooks, maids, and a laundry service must be nice.  But how did Ma Duggar survive all the years leading up to that and still have a smile on her face?

Maybe it's in the following seasons... I'll let you know.  


  1. I only get to watch it when we're at Mom's house, but I've had a chance to read part of the book 'Ma' wrote and it didn't sound too pretty in the beginning. Knowing that makes me feel much better on days when I can't seem to handle 4 and she floats through with her bus load.

  2. I concur! I too, watched it recently. It was like reliving my childhood, only with half the amount of siblings.
    I think it's interesting all the facial expressions different family members give on camera, that belie their true feelings, and directly contradict what they're saying.