Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RANT: Illegal Dumping. Really?

Disclaimer:  You may totally disagree with my rants and my politics.  I try not to take anything too seriously... I'm too busy for that.  But sometimes I like to make my husband laugh. 

Really? Really, King County, you had to send me a postcard to tell me to call you to report illegal dumping? Really? People are poor or lazy and don’t take their junk to the dump sometimes. Sometimes they just put it in an open place. This irritates us all, but it irritates me more that you would send me a postcard to tell me to tell you when and where it happened. Really? Aren’t there enough government workers to spy out these offences? Between mail carriers and water meter readers and street repair crews don’t you think that most areas are already being looked at by one of the people employed by my tax dollars? But no… that’s not good enough. You have to send me a postcard telling me the number to call and giving me instructions on how to tattle tale. Really? I think it would be cheaper to hire an individual to go around looking for said piles of junk and trash and then asking the nearby residents if they saw anything. They’ll be the new Gestapo. You’re right. That’s a bad idea.

Instead, I paid you my taxes. Then, you gathered in a climate controlled meeting room (paid for by taxes) to decide that a postcard would be a good idea. Then, someone sat at their desk with their computer (paid for by taxes) and designed the card. Then, it went through countless revisions by people whose salaries are paid by taxes. Then, it went to the printer who was paid with tax dollars. Then it was printed on paper created by the logging industry you regulate so heavily that it’s ridiculously expensive. Then it was distributed to the mail carriers whose salaries are paid by taxes and whose vehicles putz around on products recovered and refined by an oil industry even MORE regulated than logging. Then it was put in my mailbox that you insist must be X feet from the street (also paid for by taxes). Then I read it, got angry, blogged a bit, and finally used it as a coaster. Then I trashed it and dumped it in the woods with all of the other garbage I’ve been collecting because I’m taxed too much to afford taking it all to the dump to dispose of it properly. You’re perpetuating the problem, stupid stupidheads.

I’ll probably get a notice about higher taxes in the mail tomorrow.

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  1. LOL! You are hilarious! And, seriously, so true. What are the government beaurocrats thinking???